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WANAS Stool 1.0

Shapes, carrying their own stories, direct their narratives through the intricate fibers of creation.

WANAS stools, carved from a single piece of wood, embody this essence of singular craftsmanship.

These are crafted from wood and adorn a natural matte finish.

L 16 x W 16 x H 18 inches

Our objects are crafted meticulously by skilled artisans and exude beauty through subtle nuances in texture, shape, form and finish.

We honour the natural finish of wood by avoiding abrasive or chemical polishes. Over time and use, the material matures gracefully. To restore its lustre, gently rub the surface with coconut oil using a cotton cloth or your fingers after every few washes.

This object is made-to-order and will be dispatched in 5 to 6 weeks.

WANAS Stool 1.0
WANAS Stool 1.0 Sale priceRs. 65,000.00