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Tsuki Miniature 3.0 / singular

Sale priceRs. 4,450.00

Picture, and then imagine again, this silver of light sneaking in through your windows as you snooze away the midday hours. It tries reaching you but still shadows you through the dusk when you pull the shields up. Among the stars, the light waits expectantly, murmuring it’s praise for your being. It rolls in and out of sight but never does it let go of the faith in you. The moon makes an arc toward you whenever even a small portion of its light falls upon you. A household like that exits as a badge of honour for your modesty.

The moon, or Tsuki, is a lyrical archetype of the word “family” as an abstract concept. Vastly oversimplified in ways that only you can see.

These are crafted from wood and adorn the natural fibres.

2.25 inches wide & 4.3 inches tall / comes as a singular object

Our objects are crafted meticulously by skilled artisans and exude beauty through subtle nuances in texture, shape, form and finish.

We honour the natural finish of wood by avoiding abrasive or chemical polishes. Over time and use, the material matures gracefully. To restore its lustre, gently rub the surface with coconut oil using a cotton cloth or your fingers after every few washes.

The objects will be dispatched in 5 to 7 days.

Tsuki Miniature 3.0 / singular
Tsuki Miniature 3.0 / singular Sale priceRs. 4,450.00