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The Ovoid Keeper / pink stone

Sale priceRs. 13,500.00

As the audience in the room grab for tissues, it relaxes and takes a deep breath. It's just a matter of time until a horde of newcomers arrives, eager to stake a claim on their fair share of comfort. The tissue moves from a world full of duplicates to one where it can be an individual and move to the beat of your music.

The keeper, which is in the shape of an ovoid, was created with the delicate nature of tissues in mind.

These are crafted from stone and adorn a matte finish.

6.5 inches wide & 5.5 inches tall / comes as a singular object

Our objects are crafted meticulously by skilled artisans and exude beauty through subtle nuances in texture, shape, form and finish.

This object is made-to-order and will be dispatched in 3 to 4 weeks.

The Ovoid Keeper / pink stone
The Ovoid Keeper / pink stone Sale priceRs. 13,500.00