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Shibui 12

We seek the fragmented pieces of our divided selves.

Why is it the simple of the simplest things finds a way of sticking together with us for a large span of time? There is an hidden beauty in silence, there is a hidden beauty in a mundane life. The beauty is experienced only when we reach a stage of contentment within us. The world starts looking different when contentment is received. This sculptures from shibui series is one that takes an unflinchingly realistic view of reality while also conveying the hidden beauty in everyday occurrences. Every human being is, in essence, the same. Our visual perception system allows us to adjust the emotional impact of what we take in. A sculptures lends itself to be perceived by the viewer that comes in its periphery. The perception comes from nothing but the experience lived and shared by an individual. After all, The world is nothing but a sumptuous feast of perspectives.

This piece from the Shibui collection of WANAS is a portrait in the landscape of the exquisite ineffable and the unseen. Let it fold and unfold within you.

These are crafted from wood and brass, and adorn a natural matte finish.

stands approximately 1 feet tall / comes as a singular object.

Our objects are crafted meticulously by skilled artisans and exude beauty through subtle nuances in texture, shape, form and finish.

We honour the natural finish of wood by avoiding abrasive or chemical polishes. Over time and use, the material matures gracefully. To restore its lustre, gently rub the surface with coconut oil using a cotton cloth or your fingers after every few washes.

Brass ages naturally, growing darker with each adoring touch. Give these a lemon bath if you wish to restore the initial finish. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, for they may easily mar the delicate brass surface.

This object is made-to-order and will be dispatched in 3 to 4 weeks.

Shibui 12
Shibui 12 Sale priceRs. 62,900.00